don't you know you're queen?

hej loves,

i took some kitchen-selfies.
exam-preparation is going not-too-well (keep your fingers crossed on monday!), the weather is not-too-lovely (who in this world actually enjoys such heat? it makes me feel like i'll collapse any second) my mood is not-too-great (due to afore-mentioned reasons) and i just wanna get over with all of this and be on my summer break already.

much <3 anyway,


queen - perfume genius

(also, listen to this/watch the video. mike hadreas might be my favourite human.)


hej everyone,
i fled my responsibilities yet again yesterday by taking weird selfies.
i have a few not-so-pleasant things coming up so you might either not hear from me for a while or get new posts daily, depending on how responsible i am.

also, this post goes out to my mama who always complains that i should post more.

<3, s.




here are some disposables from last summer when we went for a sailing cruise.
i thought i had lost this camera, but gladly those pictures re-appeared again among some of my sister's shots. 


judith's prom ♡

it was my baby sister's prom on friday (= perfect opportunity to get all dressed up and buy a new pack of polaroid film); most fun evening in a long, long time. i met a lot of lovelies i had not seen in quite a while, we had wine en masse, good talks, silly dances, lots of hugs. 

sarah x

(self + fransi / judith + julia
thomas, judith, self / omas aka judith, self, tina, julia
self / judith)


ribbon bows.

my mama bakes the best home-made cupcakes.